What's the "expense ratio" for your Medicare Advantage plan?

October update to the REHP site.



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That is not their expense ratio.

That is how much inhouse business they create. Meaning if Kaiser owns doctor’s practices and has most of their patients seeing the doctors in those practices that is how the ratio is derived.


Second note the profit per enrollee is horrible. The Advantage Plans should be equal to Medicaid levels.

We do not see 2022 or 2023 after at least one new law has been enacted on this topic. Possibly.

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Correct. I’m calculating the beneficiary’s Medicare Advantage expense ratio vs. traditional Medicare. Medicare Advantage is probably North of 20% when you include all the hidden extra profit they can hide in related businesses. Meanwhile, traditional Medicare only has 1.3% going to admin and spends 98.3% of program cost on actual medical services for seniors. It’s a profound level of political corruption that’s killing a large part of the population.

I had Kaiser for a couple of years when I was on Obamacare. I had to threaten to file a complaint with the Washington State insurance commissioner and State Medical Board to get them to give me a written prescription I could take to a lower cost pharmacy. It’s illegal in WA State to force a patient to use a medical provider’s captive business as a condition of receiving medical care. Every time I asked for a written prescription, they referred me to the in-house Kaiser pharmacy where prices were 2X to 3X what GoodRx charges. I never had to ask for a written prescription again after I threatened to file the complaint. No doubt, the Kaiser Pharmacy is just the tip of the iceberg in hidden overcharges that goose Executive Compensation. Non-profit, just means that there are no shareholder dividends to dilute the pool of funds available for Executive pay.



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