When they say the market is going down

If you are going to do better than most, it won’t be by continually anticipating a market crash. That has invariably been an exit ramp onto a dead end street. Tuning out noise and consistently following investment rules and hard data is far more challenging than it sounds, but the performance of those that who do it can be in the top 5%, maybe the top 1%.




If I could recommend this 100 times a day I would.

Sadly I’ve held various mind sets that have cost me over the years and I’ve learned expensive mistakes. The plus side I have learned from them and understood my personal level of real life risk and set of iron clad portfolio management rules that allow me to sleep at night.

The Greek maxim know thyself is the first and IMO most critical reflection to personal investing.

And when the talking head experts in the media speak and you get concerns on a particular stock you researched and own; read this link because the experts are wrong more often then right

“The performance of small cap managers is worse: more than 8 in 10 underperformed during that 2008-12 period and more than 90% underperformed in the past 5 years. This is surprising: small cap stocks are more numerous, less researched and more speculative, exactly the kind of environment where experience and superior fund management should matter most. It doesn’t.”