Where they stand today...

What a day!

Some data for all to check out, if you don’t have it handy, in case this kind of info plays into your decision making process of what stocks to add/or start a position in if you have a mind to do so at this time (seems like a good time to me). The table below shows the % drop today and the % below the 52-week high in the companies shown.

Company      % Change Today   % Below 52 Week High

Alteryx         -15.20%	          -18.48%
Crowdstrike     -11.69%	          -34.14%
Elastic 	 -4.28%	          -18.36%
Mongodb 	 -6.58%	          -28.90%
Okta    	 -9.89%	          -22.97%
Shopify 	 -5.72%	          -12.44%
Square  	 -0.85%	          -39.23%
Trade Desk	 -8.35%	          -26.20%
Twilio  	 -9.56%	          -25.91%
Zscaler 	 -3.17%	          -30.73%

I posted last week that I came into some cash to deploy (finally sold NVDA and NTNX) and will be buying the stocks I feel had some of the best earnings reports this quarter, yet have been hit the hardest. I’m not saying the stocks that have been hit the hardest will necessarily come back the most. I’m saying I’m going to buy the ones I feel have the best future prospects because of continued stellar earnings, yet still got punished. Maybe they won’t come back for a while, maybe never, maybe they were just too high, I don’t know, but I sure believe that if the great companies keep reporting great quarters, they will most definitely come back in time, we just don’t know how long that will take. I’m very patient, and I’ve got a fair amount of cash (17%) to continue buying more if things continue downward for awhile…I just have to remember not to look at the $ value of the decline in my portfolio. :grimacing:

Disclosure: I currently own some percentage of all the stocks listed (along with 4 others not listed, because they’re not widely held here).