Who is AI coming for?

… white people with a college degree are a particular target.



Productivity gains are anticipated to justify the investment in AI. We hope that means AI takes much of the tedium out of paper shuffling repetition.

Yes, fewer jobs are implied but creativity rather than routine is more valued. And we hope rewarded accordingly.

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Really? Not sure some of you know much about this topic.

I get the tech companies selling this are make up stuff.

AI doing accounting? Details? Creatively? Okay now.

What could go wrong?

adding without discussing politics per se.

AI is supposed to run email and marketing for a politician who wants to individually reach each voter. What could go wrong? The rules really are about our biases. AI does not know what our biases are. How to lose an election. First there is no singular clear message in that model. Second just about everyone is offended or scratching their heads.

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Best quote I’ve heard on this, and I agree with it:

“AI will not take your job. Someone using AI will take your job.”

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“You may lose your job using AI”, Leap.

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In relation to stocks, AI will have incredible potential. Legal/lawyers is on the AI list…

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Have the AI figure out how to do without AI.

When AI digs into the garbage heap that we call the internut even the dumbest college essays will be used. I have met lawyers who would not know the difference.

I watched an early 50s BBC TV production of “1984” earlier tonight. A bit left out of some other productions, is the vast number of pornographic novels produced to keep the proles diverted. The novels were all written by machine. Kinda makes you wonder what Danielle Steele is, IBM or Univac?

The Beeb production is also interesting as it features Peter Cushing in one of his first lead roles, and Donald Pleasence.



I have met very few lawyers, whom I esteem, who would know the difference!

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Baffle them with bull blank?

I cut my teeth on Univac machine and Hollerith cards. She was not in there.

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