Who’s most likely to smoke weed?

Apparently, older NPR listeners.



Second adolescence?

Don’t Bogart that gummy, my friend.

I wouldn’t have guessed that. Makes total sense in hindsight.

Edit: I’m a big fan of clever headlines. Or a subheading in this case:

Aging in America is becoming a chronic condition



It blows me away how many of my old, basically lifelong friends regularly burn weed. Doesn’t bother me at all, I’ve known mean drunks but haven’t really known anybody who’s mean because of weed. Personally, I don’t like putting any type of smoke in my lungs, but to each their own.


Weed in all forms is legal here in MA. I’ve been smoking weed off and on since I was about 16. Didn’t smoke much when the kids were growing up, but when they flew the coop, I had more freedom to indulge. I’ve been buying weed from friends all my life.

On July 1 I bought my first bag of legal weed.

It is BY FAR the BEST weed that I have EVER smoked!!! I also know the exact contents, and also know that it is not tainted by anything like fentanyl or other poisonous stuff. It was also less expensive than buying it from my friend. Competition at its finest!!!



I hang out with whoever likes to indulge in just about anything.

My own whistle is very clean though. Nothing for this chap.

I say live and let live. Cheers!