Who suffers from long COVID?

I have seen numbers between 2 and 4 million for the number of people who are not working due to the effects of long COVID. Right now it looks like who comes down with the debilitation aftermath of the virus is a roll of the dice. Scientists are looking into how to minimize its effects by figuring out what sets some people up for it.

Who has the highest risk of long COVID? It’s complicated

Sex and age may be risk factors, but researchers are probably missing many others


I read an article this morning about problems embalmers are having. Apparently, there are growing reports that it is difficult to drain blood from bodies so they can be properly embalmed because of long, stringy, rubbery “clots” blocking arteries and veins.

I know its a controversial subject and I have no first hand knowledge of it. Fortunately.




This is a story that has been circulation on various anti-vaccine sites for a while.



Personally, I don’t out of hand reject articles that are from sources that are not “approved”. I think there is significant censorship of the news. Sometimes the censorship is achieved by not allowing it in the news (Thinking of Hunter Biden right now). Sometimes it is done by shouting down or by derision (Peaceful protests anyone?).


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