Whoever Ripped Down My $DQ Post

I was not quoting long passages from a copyrighted story.

Those opening words were attributed to the CEO of $DQ in the latest conference call and were a “transcription” which you can find in conference call notes found on the $DQ website and which the Seeking Alpha “transcriber” re-printed word for word. Transcription notes were collected by a Seeking Alpha the entire conference call. Do you think Seeking Alpha “owns” the words of everyone who spoke at that cc?

Please, next time, read before you react. Think before you fly off the handle that someone is breaking some precious rule on reprinting words said in a conference call.

I placed the seeking alpha link to his words among several other links to charts, earlier posts on this board, etc.

Anyway, here’s the damn link again.

To those of you who missed the original post, $DQ’s CEO’s opening remarks describe their booming business beautifully.


Also, the earnings whispers link which I placed in my post is here:


I placed three links to charts. They are here:

$DQ daily chart


$DQ weekly chart


$DQ monthly chart


I also mentioned in my OP which you ripped down how solar has been hot and that $DQ is an “upstream” play on the silicon which goes into PV panels etc.

I also linked to my original $DQ post on this board


And there was a bunch of other stuff I spent time on sharing, but you, the alliterate fool, just couldn’t take it in and just had to demonstrate your troll abilities? Happy now? I’m about over Motley Fool’s old farts ruining boards with their F/A nonsense. This is exactly why I squat on this board: to get away from people such as the person who F/Aed my post about $DQ.