Why 1984 won’t be like ‘1984’ - again

Yeah, we all know the story of the most famous TV ad ever produced, but it’s always fun to revisit.

Here we look at it as not just the ad that heralded the Mac, but the ad that changed the SuperBowl as well.

Gift article:

An oldie but goodie, for sure.


But of course as in the book “1984” big brother is watching. As never before with satellites, video cameras, license plate readers, facial recognition software, tracking your cell phone locations, texts, emails, etc, etc.

And now we add AI to intensify those efforts.

Ouch!! Look out. Big brother is everywhere.

As I watch a lot of the British Murder mysteries, what is a rally helpful tool in a lot of the stories are the abundance of cameras around the cities, villages… Today, we have doorbell and other private cameras for out own use, but nowhere near the numbers the detectives could use… I’d like to add a couple more here, just hate to rely on batteries, want to hardwire them, so, they haven’t happened… Neighbors do, tho… So maybe we are Big Brother!

I do find it handy to see if packages, mail, trash pickup has happened… more often neighborhood cats wandering…

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