Why Billy Joel doesn't sell the first two rows of seats at his concerts



I like that and think it is very cool.

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But it is a waste for the rest of the audience to spend $250 per seat to see him spit into a mic.

About three years ago I was working with a kid on his second day in the company. He had just told the boss he wanted next week off. That of course was a surprise. He wanted to go to Florida to see a rap concert. It was just after a few people had died in a Florida rap concert.

This kid’s teeth were turning black. I kid you not. I think drugs.

He explained to me how great it was going to be to go to Florida to see this concert. He had the dumbest reason in his head. He thought he was making history by turning up at the concert.

He quit the company from down in Florida. You can not make this up.

Anyone who brags they saw Bill Joel in concert has not made history.

Around that time Kendrick Lamar put out a song that was recorded in the audience of a concert instead of through cleaner mics whether in the studio or live on stage. It was garbled jibberish. Became a hit.

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About 10 years ago I got a fraudulent charge on my Discover Card for $4,000 of Josh Groban concert tickets in Miami. Discover immediately caught it and reversed the charge, but they let me keep the $80 in cashback.