Wings, Wings and More Wings

So far the roster re-build has a true Center and a Shooting Guard. Both are projected as Starters but, in truth, the Portfolio needs several more guards and a wealth of Wings. Today I am looking at Wings - ultimately divided into the categories of Small Forwards and Power Forwards with the primary distinction being defense which always seems to surprise some folks. Why? Well…because every roster/portfolio needs both rim protectors, rebounders and genuine 3pt potential shooters; which, always, always, always, at least most of the time, breaks down between Power Forwards and Small Forwards.

For example, take a little known wing from last year who played for the University of Memphis: David Jones. Turned out to be an All American capable of filling it up on a regular basis. I mean hyper regular and the guy could score from anywhere on the court. But he couldn’t guard a lick including your 80 yo Grandma. Rebounding and rim perfection were only of passing interest to David. Now…what this teaches us is that while you need firepower in your wings - you don’t want them so specialized that you have to make up for their weaknesses in other areas. Simple huh?

So Wings. The Wings on my radar include:


Taking a Quick Look at the candidates here is a all-too-brief rundown prior to some 15 min deep dive research:

CRWD - Well rounded with both Offense and Defensive capabilities. Perhaps slightly over its skis just now with demands for high NIL and playing time.

ZS - Poor mans CRWD with less demanding NIL but tons of potential.

AXON - Rock steady performance and valuable on both ends of the court. Offense not quite as spectacular as some others on the radar.

MELI - Truth be told MELI is better suited as a Center than a Wing. Still…something to be said for an occasional Twin Towers lineup.

TSLA - Could be powerful roster addition but perhaps the EV wars are over and in favor of Hybrids and TSLA just doesn’t know it. Playing injured lately but if it regains its mojo could still be powerful due to its variety of skills.

MDB - Not versatile at all but ripe for a Small Forward role although perhaps on the bench. Playing injured currently but will regain/regenerate impressive performance stats over time.

MNDY - I remain a true believer! Still a scorer by reputation despite current less
interest by coaches and flagging fan support… or something like that.

TTD - Don’t sleep on TTD. Every time I pass on TTD it teaches me a lesson that I might be just too awfully darn dense to learn. Sigh!

ELF - The question here is do you want to place the bulk of your offense on ELF?
Still…except for managements gross, silly, almost insulting and most certainly
amateurish sandbagging (unless its all true and accurate) - hard to imagine leaving such a dynamic scorer off the roster.

SMCI - For the remainder of the 2024 season and most likely the 2025 season SMCI will continue to be one of the most prolific players available. Equally adept at both scoring and turning the ball over on occasion. High NIL but off and on performance in between incredible earnings reports. Must have player for those who gravitate to the dribble drive offense.

So…for now thats my initial take on Wings. And it’s worth exactly what you think of it yourself while remembering that I am simply a poor amateur investor fraught with misconceptions, poor math skills, and a very right handed penchant for Custer Syndrome.

All the Best,
BDH Investing


Coaching Decisions on the Roster:

It appears at this time that SMCI and ZS will be added to the roster as Starting Wings with Axon and MNDY coming off the Bench. SMCI would be in the Power Forward slot while ZS would fill the Small Forward position. Not completely decided nor a done deal just yet- a little more analysis needed; however and but, if I added right now thats how it would work out. Hopefully, the entire Wings issue will be settled prior to the weekend and I can move on to Starting Point and backups for both that position as well as Shooting Guard.

Note 1). Please do not try this at home. It takes a randomly manic skill set that one has to develop through trial and error, error and more error. It could be hazardous to your financial health and if not careful you could poo your pants.

All the Best,