Wireless Electric Vehicle charger

“Ask This Old House,” one of my favorite TV shows, presented a wireless EV charger on this week’s episode. It works by magnetic induction. The segment starts at 15:21 in the video.

The portable version is already being sold outside the U.S. The manufacturer is working on a concrete-embedded unit which is flush with the ground which will be commercially available in a couple of years. They are hoping to convince auto manufacturers to place the receiver in the new cars. Currently, the EV has to be retrofit.

I can see this turning into a clash between wired and wireless chargers in the spread of charging stations around the U.S. Clearly, wireless is better but there are legacy EVs that require wires.



I charge my phone wirelessly most of the time. But I see two issues:

  1. It is always slower than wired charging.
  2. It seems to produce more heat than wired charging. I’ve even received a message saying “stopped charging due to high temperature, will resume charging when temperature goes down.”

I am not sure if these issues would also appear when wirelessly charging a vehicle.


One downfall is that, at least for now, wireless charging uses more electricity.
If your trying to save the planet you shouldn’t wireless charge.