With friends like this …

Who needs enemies.

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Remember the quote, attributed to either Marx or Lenin “when it comes time to hang all the capitalists, they will sell us the rope”



They also brought the gallows. A nice touch.

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The Iron Curtain Countries have always said they can get anything they want from the west for a price. Someone is always willing to sell.

Maybe not a submarine, but if it will fit in a shipping container its available.

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This is a useful big mistake.

The cost to the Russians is more printing and more inflation. We do not have the numbers but they are deadly to the Kremlin’s future plans in Russia.

This is useful to not using TSM in the future for secured hardware. It changes the calculus.

This is useful in getting Taiwan to make decisions that do not further benefit Russia.

This cost Russia and Taiwan.

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Why does inflation matter in Russia? Russia can set the price of bread and anything domestic anywhere it wants. The zloty is accepted.

Inflation only matters for imported foreign goods. Traditionally a luxury in Russia. And inflation means more zloties for oil and other exports.

Russia can not set prices without food disappearing from the shelves.

That was the case in the communist period as well.

Putin can not survive hyperinflation. The people will overthrow him. I am convinced that is the real design by the West in this conflict.


In the Soviet era, there are indeed stories of people buying bread at subsidized prices and feeding it to cattle.

In Russia all prices are relative unless you can export. Hoarding is likely only if you think prices will increase.

Do you have examples of hyperinflation in Russia or other closed economies? North Korea?

It is not a free market economy.

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You say that like it’s a bad thing.

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Russia owes debts denominated in foreign currency. As long as they can sell enough oil in exchange for dollars that’s not a problem. If they can’t that’s a big, big, problem.

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They also introduced the guillotine. A macabre addition.