World Economic forum

The great and the ‘good’ of the economic world, The World Economic Forum (WEF), are meeting in Switzerland this week and need over 5,000 soldiers to protect them!

Like the Bank for International Settlements, also based in Switzerland, they are a secretive organization whose roots can be traced back into N*** Germany of the 1930’s. The WEF started life as the European Management Forum chaired by the N*** banker Dr Hermann J. Abs who was also on the board of IGFarben, a big user of concentration camp labour. How he escaped a lengthy prison sentence I don’t know.

The WEF is now busy with what they call the ‘Forth Industrial Revolution’, a fundamental change to the way we live:

I’m somewhat mistrustful of governments and have doubts about their ability to do anything half right. As President Regan said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, "I’m from the Government and I’m here to help”. Having some secretive unelected body in another country deciding how I’m to live is even more terrifying.

No wonder they need 5,000 soldiers to protect them!


Reagan was from the govt–and he claimed he was here to help…


Then feel free to relocate to one of the plenty of places in the world with little government. Somalia is calling you. No functioning government to screw up your life.

Here in the real world, you live in a country with a decently functioning government. Is it perfect? No, of course not. Nothing humans do is perfect. But it accomplishes the vast majority of things a government needs to do.

You are reasonably safe in both your person and possessions. You have freedom to do pretty much whatever you want that isn’t directly harmful to others. You enjoy transportation and communications and banking and policing, all well regulated by your government.

But I do agree that first world governments don’t get things half right.

It’s more like 90%-95% right.



Works a treat:

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OMG!!! There’s a flaw in a government program! Let’s get rid of the entire government! The whole thing doesn’t work at all!!! The government is clearly out to get us! IT CAN’T BE TRUSTED WITH ANYTHING!



I actually posted:

I’m somewhat mistrustful of governments and have doubts about their ability to do anything half right

The UK government now spends over 50% of our GDP, heading back to WW2 levels. I’d hardly say that the country was running along nicely.

The problem with governments is always the same, they think that they are good at everything while the opposite is usually true.

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From the numbers I found in a few minutes, 2021 US government spending was 42.36% of GDP. Private health insurance cost another 5.12% and out-of-pocket medical spending was 1.63% of GDP. The UK NHS is entirely owned by the government, so, to compare UK and US numbers, add private health care spending to US government spending: 49.11% of GDP

UK government spending as a percent of GDP cracked 50% during the plague, but dropped to 44.6% the next year.


Even this is too high. Such a level of Government spending is crowding out the private sector, the one that pay the bills.

However, I’m more concerned about the plans that the WEF and the BIS have for us.

Busy time for some at Davos :slightly_smiling_face: