World's Richest People

Gates is the world’s riches man. Let it go.

I thought he got bumped, but he IS still #1. This list goes to #1849! Trump is #519, Mark Cuban is #606. How lucky we are to have a world where the very richest are also the most charitable. I guess… Putin and those like him don’t advertise their wealth so you can’t accurately conclude that mankind is generous from the list, but I thought other’s might think it was interesting. Who knew a clothing company, Zara, would be in the top 4?

Rank	Name	           Net Worth    Age	Source	            Country of Citizenship
#1	Bill Gates	    $85.6 B     61	Microsoft	    United States
#2	Warren Buffett	    $75.6 B     86	Berkshire Hathaway  United States
#3	Jeff Bezos	    $72.6 B     53	[](	    United States
#4	Amancio Ortega	    $71.3 B     80	Zara	            Spain
#5	Mark Zuckerberg	    $55.9 B     32	Facebook	    United States
#6	Larry Ellison	    $51.9 B     72	Oracle	            United States
#7	Carlos Slim Helu    $51 B       77	telecom	            Mexico
#8	Michael Bloomberg   $46.5 B     75	Bloomberg LP	    United States
#9	Charles Koch	    $45.6 B     81	diversified	    United States
#9	David Koch	    $45.6 B     76	diversified	    United States
#11	Bernard Arnault	    $41.5 B     67	LVMH	            France
#12	Larry Page	    $40.3 B     43	Google	            United States
#13	Liliane Bettencourt $39.5 B     94	L'Oreal	            France
#14	Sergey Brin	    $39.4 B     43	Google	            United States
#15	S. Robson Walton    $34.1 B     72	Wal-Mart	    United States
#16	Jim Walton	    $34 B       68	Wal-Mart	    United States
#17	Alice Walton	    $33.8 B     67	Wal-Mart	    United States
#18	Wang Jianlin	    $31.3 B     62	real estate	    China
#19	Li Ka-shing	    $31.2 B     88	diversified	    Hong Kong
#20	Jorge Paulo Lemann  $30 B       77	beer	            Brazil
#21	Sheldon Adelson	    $30 B       83	casinos	            United States
#22	Steve Ballmer	    $29.9 B     60	Microsoft	    United States
#23	Jack Ma	            $28.3 B     52	e-commerce	    China
#24	David Thomson	    $27.2 B     59	media	            Canada
#25	Jacqueline Mars	    $26.9 B     77	candy	            United States

Sheesh! It sure didn’t take Zuckerberg long to make it into the top 5!!!

Facebook’s a fad. No switching costs just waiting for the next big fad to take it out. Remember MySpace? Lol.

Just messing with you…in the spirit of the ISRG discussion and “boots on the ground” and the best stocks are those that are the most dissed by those with the conventional wisdom.



Facebook’s a fad. No switching costs just waiting for the next big fad to take it out. Remember MySpace? Lol.

I know you were joking, but it’s going to be pretty damn hard to dethrone FB!

Zara (the co. is actually Industria di something something (Spain) normally abbreviated to ‘Inditex’) is one I missed, being European, and is now expensive.

In London, Zara is the (in bold) shop to go to for ladies-wear, up-to-the-minute clothing.

I fear only a full-scale market collapse will ever deliver this one into the arms of a grateful investor.