Buffett passes the Zuck

Buffett’s net worth has risen $2.4 billion this year to $111.3 billion. He now tops Zuckerberg by $1 billion, and is at his highest ranking on the Bloomberg index since last March.

Buffett’s persistent presence among the top rungs of the billionaires index is particularly significant given the amount of money he’s donated over the years: almost $33 billion worth of Berkshire stock to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation since 2006.


Apart from wanting to gloat, I post this because Buffett has $111b in shares, despite having given away $33b.

But Buffett has given away more than half his shares! That means he could have given away more than 3 times as much to charity, if he had waited.

I’ll remember this story, if my kids ask me for money before I die (although they would have an easy rejoinder: you’re not exactly on track to rival Buffett’s record…)