WSJ: Toyota to make EV with 5-speed manual transmission and ICE engine noises

… it’s meant to appeal to older customers who long for the “stick shift”.



I predict a growth industry in transmission repair, as both novices and gearheads demonstrate how to grind metal into tiny shards.


Just another one of those cases where a company builds a backward-looking product. How innovative! :man_facepalming:

I highly doubt that people aren’t buying their EVs because of the transmission/lack of noise. Management needs a wake up call

Fake engine noise has been a thing for years in luxury brands like Porsche and BMW. I mean, they have engine noise, but they pipe in fake noise through the entertainment system speakers.

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Feed them oats and make them poop! :grinning:

Neighing :carousel_horse: should be :carousel_horse: easy enough! :carousel_horse: :horse_racing: :carousel_horse: :racehorse:

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Engineers who worked on the vehicle system said they wanted to preserve a driving experience that is appreciated by some car enthusiasts and older drivers—and might otherwise die out in the shift to EVs.

In a related story Toyota showed the original documents outlining the founding of the company where the first cars they produced had a saddle for the driver’s seat. They wanted to preserve the experience that is appreciated when riding a horse. The auto engineers also designed a system to produce fake smells but it is unclear how many of these they sold.


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Makes one think about “what would their tow truck look/smell like”?

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A link and a word.
The link is the article behind the paywall:

The word is:


I think the whole thing is faked. There are no real metal gears involved. I wonder if they can fake grinding and maybe even fake metal shards via computer simulation (“please change your virtual transmission fluid as we’ve detected excessive virtual metal shavings in it”) :joy: