Xylitol--may cause clots that could lead to heart attack. More?


The research approached the question three ways. They tested the stickiness of platelets in test tubes and found out that they became more sticky. They then gave a xylitol-containing drink to volunteers and did blood tests that showed their platelets were stickier. They also analyzed a large group of people and found that more of them had cardiovascular events over 3 years.

This is thorough research so I think the conclusion is probably correct. The scientists were from the Cleveland Clinic and published in the European Heart Journal, so this is reputable, trustworthy research.

This is a real concern since xylitol and erythritol have been considered harmless and are used by many people.


I discovered that table sugar made me feel bad around 1964 so I stopped adding sugar to tea and coffee. At first I could not stand the bitter taste so I had to add milk or cream to make them drinkable. Over time I got over the problem and now I like bitter black coffee and bitter black chocolate and cacao. The less factory produced crap we eat the safer we are.

The Captain


I am reserving judgment on whether these alcohol sugars are the danger that this press release implies. Not because the research is necessary faulty…but rather because the conclusions as presented might not support the hypothesis.

One confounder being the unhealthy user phenomenon. A good many folk who switch from sucrose to other artificial sweeters do so becauseof the excess body fat their diet has facilitated (I tend to consider regular table sugar/sucrose to be artificial if added to something that wouldn’t be sweet without it…like, for instance, that combo of leaf or bean and water common known as tea or coffee)

There’s precious little evidence to suggest that continuing with those habits and not bothering to switch table sugar for non nutritive sweeteners fare any better.


It’s not good for dogs either.

Do these results apply to both xylitol and erythritol?

Erythritol is DEFINITELY not harmless. If I have more than 3 or 4 grams of it, it causes me to have stomach issues shortly after ingesting it.

Same for sis, but definitely not the same for DH or I. Maltitol gives me serious gastric distress…erythritol no problems, including zero carb cravings. And based on the calcium scan, nuclear stress test and echo cardiogram, no cardiac issues. Add to that stellar control of blood sugars, and low rate of injection of insulin for DH who has been a type 1 diabetic for 5+ decades, thanks to our low carb, low glycemic lifestyle. My 4 siblings, who follow a heart healthy but not low carb diet are all on statins, while I remain statin free, avoiding grains and sugars.

I don’t over do sweetness of any basis. Very happy with where erythritol has us health-wise.

YMMV. We are not all the same in our responses to nutritional input.


I agree with you. Too many studies come and go like this. While conclusions come and go as well.

I do not use sweetened gum etc…because they usually trigger hunger. That is more proven and happens to me.

Also I get the feeling chewing gum can lead to TMJ. But I bet the chewing gum companies have proven otherwise.

If this study gets repeated successfully that would not surprise me.

@inparadise … is erythritol just plain sweet to you? I’ve tried it in the past in various desserts to offer when we’ve had guests with T2D. It’s got the oddest mouth sensation…almost a coolness…that I experience and so does my daughter. She can detect it whether or not I give her a heads-up so it’s not bias. I don’t use it for that reason.

I use different sweeteners at different times. I use plain old Splenda in my coffee every morning, I find that it only requires a tiny quantity, and that it dissolves very well and quickly. And it seems to resist the heat well and still remain somewhat sweet. I use a combination of Erythritol (2g) and Stevia in my cottage cheese (along with cinnamon or berries).

So, for coffee, I use this -

For cottage cheese, I use this (with 2g of Erythritol) -

And if I drink this whole bottle (brand is Bai with a whopping 10g of Erythritol), I have stomach issues pretty quickly -

Yes. I feel the cooling sensation with xylitol, though. Our guests never can tell that they are eating sugar free, and only know what it is because of what we chose to eat. I provide both conventional and low carb treats at the holidays, so everyone can choose.



Sweet triggers hunger signals in the brain and eating.

The sweeter the more eating. Alcoholic sweeteners are sweeter than sugar.

Sugar is not as much of a problem. Sweet is. Sweet causes people to be overweight.

I do not add sugar or sweeteners. I do not drink either. Except some fizzy water with lime juice.