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This is similar to those that claim to have bought bitcoin at $0.07 or Apple or Tesla in its early days.

My favorite story

"Back in 1998, two individuals, Larry Page and Sergei Brin, who were unknown to the technology company offered to sell their little startup to AltaVista for $1 million so they can resume their studies at Stanford.

The company that Page and Brin were looking to sell was the soon-to-be patented PageRank system. Altavist turned them down."


I bought Apple in the early days and sadly, sold it in the early days. I was sure Windows/Microsoft was going to kill Apple. I calculated what that stock would be worth now… I wouldn’t have need any other investment. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

Me too, not a proud moment. While I have strongly believed ipod/ ipad is going to be revolutionary and yet. The guild of omission is a heavy burden to live with.


I owned Alexion pharma in the early days prior to drug approval for Solaris to treat PNH. Held through approval and early launch. Made 2.5X my money. Went up 8X more I believe. Stopped counting. Always tell my son we would be living on a small island if I held it.

Bought a good chunk of Apple in Aug 2020 6 months before Warren did, when conventional wisdom was that Buffett would not buy tech stocks. Added more on slight selloff in May 2021. 5x of my cost basis then and my 2nd largest position without selling a single share since. Just didn’t buy early enough.

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