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Will we default on the debt in November?

I think we are dead in the water until some moderate completely switch sides.

We are building the US economy something that was not done at all during the 40 years of supply-side economics.

Do you want to see the US economy built?

Or do you want to see the ‘deficit shrunk’?

If the latter you have no idea how economics work. There is not even an imaginary discussion of economics involved in that.

Frankly, it is offensive to sink the US economy. The American public will really blame the culprits straight out with a lot of hatred.

I’m pretty confident the US will not default on it’s debt. The US may welch on multiple promises made to USians, but shortchange the money interests? Never.


There is no goal. No economic goals. No principled goals. No purposeful goals. Nothing.

I think avoiding at all costs working on this except extreme demands will lead to a complete breakdown. Unless some defect. Those bringing us that reality will not change one iota.

The issue is browner people and women should not have anything in their view. That is the only issue for them.

Jefferson and Madison the plantation owners out of Virginia were exactly the same. It is a die-hard streak in American life. It is evil. Doesn’t matter that Jefferson penned the Declaration of Liberty or that Madison wrote the US Constitution. That only made liars of them.

I did some back of the envelop figuring a while back. If they zeroed out all subsidies to low income people, the Dept of Education, the EPA, all payments to states and cities, and a couple other departments, that slip my mind at the moment, they could close the deficit to zero.

Then what would they do? Give the “JCs” another Trillion dollar tax cut. Then start the deficit drama all over.


Johnson seems likely to ask for a continuing resolution maybe as far as April. That allows more time.

Some say they must address revenue and entitlements. But unlikely in an election year. Most likely to commission more studies and rely on Democrat votes to kick can down the road again.

That is much worse than the tax cut we just had back when or a new tax cut to do what you just said.

It is worse because it would cripple the US economy. Even before the next tax cut we would have far higher deficits. Why? Because the US economy would stagger into a great depression.

The one year Reagan had good GDP growth he upped spending dramatically before the general election in 1984. Since then growth kept slowing with each spending cut. The promise that a tax cut would create growth was the worst lie of the last 40 years. It was an inept dumb little teaser for people crying in their beer at the end of the bar.

SS, Medicare, and Medicaid yes they need to increase them.

I get idiots who do not see it that way. They have not seen it that way for 40 years. We have heard endless BS from them. None of it was honest or proved true and accurate. It was endless carping by ignorant people.