NYT The debt limit will be hit Jan 19

Yellen is expecting to do extraordinary things to manage this. My source is the NYT but the entire thing devolves from economics into petty dumb politics. Lying is not just Santos’s sport. Another headline tonight in the NYTs states many did know Santos was a complete liar and let is slide.

The road obstacles to this being resolved are rising.

This is complete and utter economic ignorance. It always has been. These guys are undeclared supply side economics guys. No matter how failed those economic policies are. And of course no one dares to say they believe at all in supply side economics.

I need to say something

The selling of US paper is going to sky rocket. This is the catalyst.

If Neon is in shorter supply by the 2H23 that is the other big factor in factory floors being idled globally.

If you want fantastic yields hang in there…odds are a small window with fantastic returns is about to open up. Yellen and Powell will step in to buy the long end of the curve.

Fasten your seatbelts. Remember this is about really stupid policies. And all of it is counter intuitive. If you think just cutting taxes will get you rich…you have no idea how wrong you have been and how we got to $31 tr in debt with slow economic growth over the last 40 years.

Lets once and for all right this ship. Let the battle begin.

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