Zaps to Zoom Apps

Good article on Tech Crunch regarding Zoom Apps
Before the firewall-
“When Zoom announced Zapps last month — the name has since been wisely changed to Zoom Apps — VC Twitter immediately began speculating that Zoom could make the leap from successful video conferencing service to becoming a launching pad for startup innovation. It certainly caught the attention of former TechCrunch writer and current investor at Signal Fire Josh Constine, who tweeted that “Zoom’s new ‘Zapps’ app platform will crush or king-make lots of startups.”…
Just a lil from Behind-
Jim Scheinman, founding managing partner at Maven Ventures and an early Zoom investor (who is credited with naming the company) says he always saw the service as potentially a platform play. “I’ve been saying publicly, before anyone realized it, that Zoom is the next great open platform on which to build billion-dollar businesses.”.

Zoom has been working on the developer components and brought in industry veteran Ross Mayfield, who has been part of two collaboration startups in his career, to run the developer program. He says that the final piece after providing the tools to build an application on top of Zoom is an app store or market place. With Zoom’s approach, using the capabilities in the Zoom App Marketplace, users can actually add an app right from a meeting, where other users can see it, which Mayfield points out, helps with word-of-mouth marketing. “We’ve started the App Store in this Zoom experience, including in a meeting where I can search, browse, find an app, add it, authorize it and use it on the fly right there,” Mayfield explained.