ZI - Business Breakdown

Fantastic series from
Invest Like the Best’s Patrick O’Shaughnessy. I have not heard yet but surely a must-listen if interested in Zoom Info. And add’l resources on episode’s web page.



Many times on Business Breakdowns they have an expert in the field break the company down but not necessarily someone who is part of the company. This Business Breakdown has ZoomInfo CEO Henry Schuck himself take you through the company. It’s about an hour long.



I was just going to post this to the board. It’s well worth the hour!
Schuck does an awesome job breaking down why ZI is so powerful.
A few things that took me by surprise.
They are sometimes closing sales same-day because sales group figure out immediately they can’t go with the product and it’s $30K a seat!
Another thing, their only competition seems to be Linkedin but “it’s not really competition”
The data advantage they have seems to be ridiculously strong.
If you are a shareholder, this is a must listen.


Toward the end he addressed data privacy concerns. He was saying that the data that ZoomInfo shares is what you’d find on a business card, and this is not the type of data that people/governments are particularly focused on protecting (most of the time you’re handing your business card out, not protecting what’s on it).

He mentioned a litmus test used by some privacy experts: if you accidentally dropped your business card on the ground and realized later, would you go back to pick it up? Probably not. Credit card? Definitely.



I listened for a reason to sell at least some of my 8% position to buy more Upstart.

Long, ZoomInfo with 8% position

So it sounds like as much as you want to buy more UPST you didn’t find a reason to sell any ZI to fund that?

Frankly, I’m looking to trim other things to add more of both…