ZM security update

I work at a State University Medical School and just got this email from our department IT guy:

If you have ZOOM (conference software) installed on your computer, please UPDATE it as soon as possible.

The newest version eliminates a vulnerability, and only takes a few seconds to install.
This vulnerability is marked as ‘critical’.

Thanks for your cooperation.

This suggests that new software has already been made available by the company that addresses at least some of the security issues that have been discussed.


I was in my first large Zoom meeting this morning.
A technical conference with hundreds of people.
All went fine…I even encountered some new (to me) features, such as a poll sent out by the organizers to rate speakers.

Upon completion I was asked if I want to install the Zoom update. Took about 2 minutes


Just in case anyone is still thinking security issues are ZM specific, my 11 year old daughter just received this message from her 5th grade teacher:

This morning, teachers were alerted to continued security issues throughout the county with Google Meet sites and were given NEW directions to set up these online sessions which will require slightly different steps for students to access. The telephone option will also be different. They still MUST be signed in to the google account first regardless…