a modest update re: ZM

People may recall that I stated some time back that Zoom was prohibited by my company on any of its equipment, or to be used for any of its business.

Well, our IT department sent an email this morning that Zoom is off the “blacklist”. They still prefer we use TEAMS or WebEx, but Zoom is now acceptable for use as a participant. Evidently they are satisfied that the security risk has been reduced/eliminated.

We’re just one company, but I wanted to be fair in my reporting and comments, and since -at the time- Zoom was banned I thought it only fair to say that is no longer the case.

1poorguy (no position in ZM, MSFT, or CSCO)


Similar story here. My employer, a large defense contractor, banned employees from using Zoom for company use in April. Last week we received the following message from IT:

ITS is pleased to inform you that Zoom has gone to great lengths to raise its security posture since April. They have remediated their most serious flaws and continue to implement state-of-the-art improvements.

As a result, the restrictions on use of Zoom are being relaxed. If a vendor, customer, or other external individual hosts a meeting through Zoom (or another meeting application), you may join as a participant with video, screen-sharing and chat features enabled.

Unfortunately Zoom is still not the company-preferred application for online meetings, but I was glad to see they finally came around on allowing the use of Zoom. With the high frequency of meetings held online recently, Webex has been causing issues for us on a daily basis - mostly audio failures.