ZM: Taiwan bans official use of Zoom

ZM is definitely losing customers due to security concerns. Zoom has a PR problem and they could be handling the PR MUCH better.

How many customers are they gaining and how many are leaving or not adopting Zoom due to privacy concerns?


I disagree. I think they are responding to this very well.

They are working for example with school boards to have a common security settings for all schools and communicating the proper use of these settings.

Taiwan? yes they had a good initial response to the SARS-CoV-2 but whenever they see association with ‘mainland’ they run away for no good reason. In this instance, it is really for no good reason.
If they want to communicate with mainland China, they will have to go through Mainland systems including datacenters. Will Taiwaneses stop communication with the Mainland whether they use Zoom or not? No.



I suspect this is related to the complicated relationship and distrust between Taiwan and China.

A contrasting memo was released to Reuters this morning:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Video conferencing company Zoom has been responsive to concerns over its software, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said in a memo recently distributed to top government cybersecurity officials and seen by Reuters.

The memo - drafted by DHS’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, which screens software used by government bodies - sounded a positive note about the teleworking solution, which has been beset by security worries since the coronavirus outbreak drew in a flood of new stay-at-home users.

DHS and FedRAMP said Zoom Video Communication Inc. was responding to the criticisms and understood how serious they were - a contrast with the formal advice against using the product issued on Tuesday by Taiwan’s Cabinet.

Former White House Chief Information Officer Theresa Payton noted that while the message applied to the version of Zoom marketed to U.S. officials - Zoom for Government - it was still “good news” for the San Jose, California-based company.

“I see it as a pragmatic memo,” said Payton, who is chief executive of cybersecurity firm Fortalice Solutions. She said the General Services Administration, which helps run FedRAMP, “had to say something” given the mounting disquiet over Zoom’s issues.…


Hi all,

Please ignore this about Taiwan ban Zoom, IMO just a political issue. This might be OT here, but truth is we ban anything sensitive with China, of course even COVID-19. Yes, lucky us because we treat this as another discrimination event. So just focus on how fast ZM can solve this PR issue this time. BTW I saw LVGO up Q1 numbers, if ZM really DO a great job on Q1 number, then they should give us a color about how much they might beat.

Rick long ZM

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