Zoom and ServiceNow Partnership

I just received a notification from SeekingAlpha stating that Zoom and ServiceNow have formed a partnership in which ServiceNow’s platform will support Zoom Phone. The announcement also states that ServiceNow will replace its legacy system with Zoom Phone. Here is the link -


My company is a customer of ServiceNow, but still refuses to allow the use of Zoom. ServiceNow is a wonderful platform and has made ordering anything IT related 10x easier. In my opinion, this is a big step in the right direction for Zoom as I believe it could significantly increase the potential that Zoom Phone is adopted by large enterprises.

ServiceNow has hundreds of large enterprise customers, this opens up a big door for Zoom Phone, in my opinion. Who knows, moves like these could also spur action at companies like mine to allow the use of Zoom. This is a great partnership of two great businesses.

Long ZM & NOW


I believe you misread that. The deal is an exchange of services. ZM uses Now on its side and NOW uses Zoom Phone on its side. It doesn’t mention platforms embeds or integrations. In fact they already have integrations for customers to use each other’s tools. Here is a more in depth article that mentions these things: https://www.destinationcrm.com/Articles/CRM-News/CRM-Across-…

Zoom Video Communications and ServiceNow have inked a partnership agreement to use each other’s technology for work-anywhere experiences.

Zoom has deployed ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) to scale its customer service operations…

ServiceNow has been a Zoom customer since 2018, using Zoom Enterprise for its 11,000 global employees to host video meetings across desktop, mobile, and conference rooms.