Zoom CEO, Eric Yuan on Tonight's Mad Money

For those who want to hear directly from Mr. Yuan about ZM’s recent issues, tune into tonight’s episode of Jim Cramer’s Mad Money, as he is scheduled to appear.


Perfect move for Yuan. Cramer will do what he always does - ask puffball questions, giggle, flatter, giggle, not listen to answers as he scours his notes for next question, compliment, throw in a few fake-hard questions like “but critics say…” and Yuan will hit those out of the park because Cramer will not ask challenging follow-up. And the overwhelming majority of people who see this will be comforted because 99 out of 100 people want to use Zoom and don’t think they’ll be a victim of anything too nefarious.

Only benefit of watching Cramer is analyzing the CEO’s composure, charisma, command of the subject and intuiting their degree of sincerity and toughness.

In our world of SaaS companies three CEOs I found lacking on Cramer have been Lew Cirne of New Relic who struck me as a bit kooky, Jay Chaudry of ZS who seemed a bit befuddled and Deeraj Pandey (NTNX) who seems a bit too slick. Bernshteyn (COUP), Green (TTD), McKinnon (OKTA), Stoecker (AYX) all seem to be elite top-level CEOs, and we of course all loved Sarah Frier, former CFO of SQ.

Anyway, from this regard it will be interesting to see Yuan in action - he seems like a caring, sensitive guy who genuinely wants to build something great. I’m interested to see if he has the competitive fire in the gut to go along with what seems like the soul of an artist. Obviously he must have fire in belly to get this far, but the bar is higher going from 25B+ and up, when your company under fire from all angles. Excelling at top level with leaders like Bezos, Hastings, Benioff means excelling in rarified air.

If you have extra time, here’s an interesting thing - read Jim Collins’s concept of “Level 5 Leadership” (simple one-pager)…


… then watch Yuan on Cramer and judge for yourself how he stacks up.

Broadway Dan


“Excelling at top level with leaders like Bezos, Hastings, Benioff means excelling in rarified air.”

I’ve been thinking about that comparison to Hastings the last few days. Thinking about my experience back in that Qwikster moment when I jumped out to Netflix stock at 80 and it sank down to the 50s. Oh how smart I felt back then, but how dumb I felt when I watched the stock price go back up past 80 and I had to reenter to position at about 140.

So I agree that this is the moment we get to see if the CEO of ZM has the chops to navigate his company into the possible ranks of great CEOs.

Why I’m also holding my shares, because if this truly is another “Qwikster” moment then I don’t want to have to buy back my shares 50% or more from where they are today.




Well said, and I do share your belief that the guy at the top means everything.

That said, the one name I would add to your current top large cap CEO list of Bezos, Hastings, Benioff is Musk. But hey, that’s just me. :slight_smile:

Fool on!


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Can you post a link as to this? I can’t find anything about who’s appearing tonight.

There was no link. Cramer announced it this morning during Squawk Box.