Zoom has "invaded" the fashion industr

This board has looked at Zoom from all angles, and many of us long ago recognized the unique qualities that Zoom brings to the investing table. But here’s another. (Besides, it’s a slow news day!)

This morning I received an email from one of the most venerable of fashion institutions… Saks Fifth Avenue. Recognizing that perhaps many on the board are not exactly fashionistas :slight_smile: perhaps you will still smile at this latest indication of Zoom’s growing cultural influence:

“from Saks Chief Merchant: Our customer is responding to a casual-luxe aesthetic and key separates, now know as ‘Zoom tops’”


Stitch Fix, $SFIX, has been promoting casual at-home and videoconference wear since the pandemic started. It’s a smart way to stay in touch with customers’ needs and changing lifestyles. Zoom meetings are an activity that take up a lot of people’s time now. -Karen