Zoom meetings

I’m a member of the board of a nonprofit org in Detroit. Yesterday, we held our first in-person board meeting in more than two years. We did it over lunch outdoors on the uncrowded patio of an Italian restaurant. (Ottava Via, one block from the former location of Tiger Stadium, if you’re ever nearby.) A beautiful late-spring day. We all loved being together in person once again.

But I suspect that another group I belong to will continue to hold most (or all?) of its monthly meetings via Zoom. Online meetings reduce hours of travel time, gas money, and other hassles–which is why I bought a bit of Zoom shares during this tech selloff.



Sadly, I bought my Zoom some time ago, but I will continue to hold it for the same reasons you cite: companies and people realize what a time and money saver it can be. The recovery from the post-COVID drop may take awhile, but I concur that it should be a longer-term winner.

Up about 9% today; longest journey begins with a single step. :wink:

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