ZoomInfo wins 27 Grids in G2’s 2022

Link to News Relase: https://ir.zoominfo.com/news-releases/news-release-details/z…

Link to actual report on G2
: https://www.g2.com/reports/f4903229-4308-45f5-aeff-c4b341828… (may require you to sign in to view) The separation that ZoomInfo has with other comepetitors is really impressive.

Highlights from the report

  • The avenues by which ZoomInfo continues to grow their presence in adjacent categories from 3 #1 placements in 2019 to 27 #1 placements in this quarter is really impressive.

  • Particularly impressive surpassing LinkedIn Sales Navigator for # 1 in Sales Intelligence. My friends who are in Sales love LinkedIn Navigator and assume this will help drive more Sales for ZoomInfo.

  • Looking at the #2 placements - provide a roadmap where they are focusing their efforts for next year. There are quite a few AI Sales categories. I anticipate that with Chorus.AI integration this will be part of the #1 category in the next few categories.

  • Looking at the other categories → Recruiting automation seems to surface. I am trying to dig into if they have a recruiting tool or not. I assume it would be recruiting tool specific to Sales professionals but need to dig into it.

  • It doesn’t have the highest NPS but NPS of 69 is nonetheless really impressive. Groove and Klue ranks very high in Sales Intelligence across the board from Satisfaction Ratings. I am not familiar with Groove and Klue so will be taking a look at it as a possible viable competitor.

  • Average months to go live is .8 months and over 70% use their in-house team to implement that’s really impressive compared to their competitors.

Overall: I don’t value G2, Capterra, TrustRadius sites on the same level as Gartner nonetheless the growth of Zoominfo is amazing. If you are interested in a deeper dive of how they calculate the rankings - here’s the methodology they use: https://research.g2.com/methodology/scoring. It’s heavily based on user reviews and the quality of the reviews.

Interesting to Note: I also happened to look at G2 ranking for Project Management and Asana is leader of the category with SmartSheet very close by. Monday.com is on the top right quadrant where you want to be much have quite a few solutions ahead of them. As discussed extensively on this board, we have to consensus that Monday.com is more than just a Project Management solution. Link: https://www.g2.com/reports/d758fb59-065c-4617-b16e-beca31d9c…