ZS To Acquire Cloudneeti For Data Protection

ZS was one of Saul’s stocks until recently, so I chose them as the company to report on.

It was announced yesterday that ZS is acquiring Cloudneeti for its technologies that prevent and fix misconfigurations in applications that can leave companies open to data breaches and compliance violations.

As Zscaler Chairman and CEO Jay Chaudhry stated in the deal announcement,

Cloudneeti augments Zscaler’s data protection capabilities and will dramatically improve organizations’ cloud security by discovering and eliminating some of the most common causes of data breaches and compliance violations.

The technology will be integrated into Zscaler’s Cloud Security Platform in order to extend its capabilities to public cloud workloads to further improve Zscaler’s comprehensive data protection offerings.

The benefit to customers is that security incidents due to misconfiguration issues can be reduced sharply, possibly up to 80% according to Gartner.

ZS could be one to watch as we wait for the economy to get back to full force?!