Meta Plunged from 5th Most Valuable Stock to 11th, behind Visa. In 10 Months, $647 Billion Vanish


Note: Yay, … that’s half a TRILLION. Which it was never worth to begin with! Sort ‘a like Twitter, Meta is worth the size of, … say, regional Tatoo-parlor franchise, …


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“Back in September 2021, Meta, with a market cap of $1.077 trillion, was the fifth most valuable stock by market cap in the US. Easy come, easy go (data via YCharts):”

Just the charts, Sir, for $META - - -

The three negative signs designate all EMA crossovers are in bearish decension.

$META Daily chart


$META Weekly chart


$META Monthly chart


p.s. I saw a story about Instagram backing down from the Kardashian influencers while reading my phone at the doctor’s office the other day. Let me see I can track that down.