10 Picks Failed to Execute Today

10 Picks Failed to Execute Today
That bug is not quite dead yet . . .
The pattern seems to be that if I leave these open they will execute in the opening hour of trading tomorrow. All these picks were made several hours before the close and should have easily beaten the 20 minute delay.

Kill one bug and ten relatives show up for the funeral. It is always an iterative process, especially with a system like CAPS where the Open and Close rules are very involved, even with out bringing contests, bid/ask, and other factors into play.

I think I have most of the relatives taken care of, also. I do not see any pending close Picks, marked today, for you, or anyone else.

Yup, resolved itself this morning again. Thanks for your efforts!

I think I am have a similar problem with my account. I have tried to make a few picks in the last few weeks and they don’t end up going through. I have tried an open order with a lower limit close price and I have tried a limit order (with the limit being well below market price) with a lower limit close price. Both picks were still pending at the end of the days I chose them, so I just cancelled the orders. I’d like to continue using caps, but it hasn’t worked for me recently.

I don’t see any Pending Open Picks for 20Fool20 in the system. You will need to make a Pick so I can watch and try to determine why it does not Open.

So for instance, I just made a bunch of picks, a mix of up and down thumbs. Market does not close for another two hours. None of these picks will execute today. They will all execute in the opening minutes of Monday’s session. This problem has persisted for months.

OK, I believe I found the culprit. Your Picks from this afternoon opened, except for NASDAQ:CTSO which did not meet the price requirement (>=$1.50).

I apologize for taking so long on this one.

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Nice work sir, thanks for squashing that one!
Ready for another old bug?
This has to do with some odd behavior I’ve noticed in the Best/Worst tab.
When the market is open it lists Today’s Top/Worst Scorers - as expected.
Oddly though, after the close, it displays the Top/Worst Scorers from the previous trading day. For instance right now we are sitting at Friday an hour after the close , but the tab displays THURSDAY’S Top/Worst Scorers instead of today’s. Weird and annoying!

Hmmm, this is reminiscent of another “anomaly” I noticed right after the move to AWS. I was able to use SMOP on the back end to “fix” the problem.

I will look into the issue mentioned above.

I would suggest opening a new thread for this, however.