10 S&P companies most exposed to China

SWKS is #1


SWKS is #1

The China market doesn’t look so good and neither does SWKS.


I sold last week.

I think this is another case of misunderstanding a “fact”. We’ve visited this before, no? This is “sales to China”, same as SWKS reliance on two customers (in China) for umpty-ump % of sales. Real question is, what percentage of stuff using SWKS chips are sold to end users in China as opposed to the chips being sold to Chinese companies, used by assemblers in China, and then exported around the world.

KC, long SWKS but not yet buying (my home internet is down, again, so I have no access during market hours–great timing).


Oooops. Sales to two companies was an Ambarella issue. Still, the point may be valid for SWKS. What is important is how many chips end up in products actually used in China as opposed to be procured there and exported out incorporated in an product.

KC, whose fingers are faster than his brain

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