$17,000 2018 Tesla Model S with bootleg Ludicrous Option

I like the part where they take it to the “electrified garage” to do the bootleg Ludicrous mode, and the tech gets into the car’s computer and says “You already have it.”

New owner asks, "How come it doesn’t say it’s in Ludicrous Mode on the screen?

Tech, “Because it’s in Ludicrous Mode 100% of the time.”

Note: All you need to do to put the car in “Ludicrous Mode” is to turn up the maximum number of amps coming from the battery.

I saw a video a few weeks ago from Scotty Kilmer where he was complaining that you’ve already paid for everything you need to get the “performance boost” on a Tesla when it comes from the factory new. Tesla is charging you $4,000 to just turn a switch.

Good to see people “Minimizing the Skim”. {{ LOL }}