3rd quarter EARNINGS

Kinda asleep at the wheel here. Not that anyone gives a rat’s about earnings in this macro environment. Well, that isn’t true, either. Elevator has a “down” button, but for going up, you’re on your own. DW has a few shares of Zoominfo. They reported BMO and were immediately down, finished off 28% or so. 46% y-o-y revenue growth to $287 million with $86.7 million cash flow from operations (non-GAAP). 41% margin. Operating income +51$ y-o-y. But forecast only 4% revenue growth for sequential quarter. Immediate crush job and no reaction to the Fed speak. Already one of those automobile cubes.

But, some earnings dates:

TEAM 11/3
BILL 11/3
VERI 11/8
DOCS 11/10 AMC
ONDS 11/14
SNOW 11/30 AMC
CRWD 11/30
NCNO 1/30
S 12/6
BRZE 12/12

Sorry for incomplete data.

80% cash and wondering when/if SPG will get marked down again.

KC, celebrating being down only 1.3% on a down 7% tech day. FOMO


thanks KC…I blanked on tracking these.
I knew today/this week was key. Interested in TTD also.

But, yeah, macro seems to trump all ERs at this point. You still need to know how they are doing, so you know which ones to ride up, when the macro carnage abates.


MNDY 11/14, bmo
S (nothing yet, but based on Q2 ER, should be closer to 11/30 or 12/1)
TTD 11/9, bmo
UPST 11/8, amc
GLBE 11/16, amc



Hopefully a massive post-ER tank by GLBE later. Will see.

Still of interest for me coming up:

SNOW on 11/30 amc
CRWD on 11/30 amc
ZS on 12/1 amc
S looks like 12/6 amc

Depending on how CRWD starts things off, could be a pop or drop for security stocks in a couple weeks.





I was not allowed to reply to the 3rd Q earnings thread, because you can’t be the last 3 replies or something???

Anyway. NVDA reports amc.

[Pete for Dreamer]


AUSTIN, Texas, November 02, 2022 --(BUSINESS WIRE)–CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: CRWD), today announced that it will release financial results for its fiscal third quarter 2023 ended October 31, 2022 after the U.S. market close on Tuesday, November 29, 2022. CrowdStrike will host a conference call that day at 2:00 p.m. Pacific time (5:00 p.m. Eastern time) to discuss the results.

JT :flamingo: