40 Cans Update

Truth: MELI Giveth/AFRM Taketh Away!

You know…investing is hard…and can be unforgiving to those of us with lower IQ credentials. Oh well!

I sold MELI once again for a 9-10 day gain of just better than 14%. Was feeling all good about my extraordinary insights into the machinations of the market - and then, the bottom fell out of AFRM disproving - or not actually proving anything one way or the other - but regardless, leaving a moderate sized smoking crater where that particular investment was hanging out. And I actually thought the report was pretty good - but it was beauty that killed the beast! Or rather the lack thereof as the company turned the guidance spigots down to a trickle. And in this environment it doesn’t take much to spook the herd. Might be worth getting back in as we get closer to the next report but if you can’t play in prime time why carry you on the roster?

So what was I going to do? Why roll those funds over into another potential PTP in CFLT - and then…and then… CFLT poo’ed the bed too and pulled an AFRM all its own. Still might but I am down to just 8 real players on the roster and sticking close to home for now.

So to start the year we got creamed in January but have played our way back in February so far and are down only 6 to 8 pts or so for the year as it stands now. Good month so far - MSLOB’s mole whacking has helped a bunch and it would have been just wonderful if that AFRM had just done their job. Oh well…again. Thank goodness for MELI the ATM - which I am going to buy again, for the fifth time or so if it drops below $1,035

As a member in marginal standing with the Knights of Columbus - a Catholic support group, the word went out this weekend reference the 40 Cans for Lent program to wit: each Knight is to present 40 cans of food to the local food bank. Last year I hectored friends and neighbors and gathered a bunch of cans and will probably do the same this year. You can help - even if you are not a Knight, nor even a believer, buy gathering your very own 40 cans of food and delivering it to a local food bank. People that need food for their families probably don’t ask the food if it came from a believer or non-believer - they are just thankful to have it.

So who is still on the roster:

A) STARTERS - About 70% of the portfolio Allocation goes to STARTERS

Note: I added to all Starters incrementally on Friday

  1. MNDY

  2. DDOG

  3. SE

  4. UPST

  5. ZS

B) Bench

Note 2) Brought The Remaining Roster All Up to Bench Level


  1. GLBE

  2. ZI

Not sure what I am going to do next week but still have some cash left.

All the Best,



I feel your AFRM pain, as I was a LKNCY bagholder. Swore off China. ~8100 other stocks to pick from.

Seems awfully fishy that AFRM’s leak was so positive about the upcoming earnings, and then as soon as the call started, instant dumping. Hard.

SOMEONE dumped shares ~40% higher than friday’s close. How lucky for them. :wink:

I was considering buying AFRM if the call went Ok, but now I’ll avoid them like the plague/pandemic/endemic/twitter.

Too many fish in the sea to pick the slimy, fishy smelling ones.


You know…investing is hard…and can be unforgiving to those of us with lower IQ credentials. Oh well!

Oh champ, we gotta talk. There is IQ and there is emotional IQ.

Took the $150k from the sale of my condo and put it into Saul’s top 3 and Bear’s top last week and split for Costa Rica and to find myself situated inside a Telenovela ai had not planned.

Week later my $150k was $176k, yawn, scratch, burp. . .



Perhaps a blueprint for making money?

Wife and I looking at Costa Rica - Tamarindo area.

All the Best,