February Performance Summary

Note 1) I am an amateur investor and nothing contained within anything I post should be construed as a recommendation for three primary reasons: 1) I make a great many investing mistakes; 2) I am consistently inconsistent and change my mind often; and, 3) All my ideas come from collating advice from a fairly large number of professional sources: They are human and make mistakes also; which, can compound my mistakes. See what I mean?

Note 2) If you have a spare buck or so laying around go on down to the local supermarket and pick up a can or two of food - then take it down to a local food bank. Hungry people will appreciate it and you’ll have the days good deed checked off.

What a month February was. The Nasdaq started off the month at 14,346 - sank as low as 12,587 intraday on Feb 24 and has since rallied to close out the month at 13,751. The lowest close was 13,037 on Feb 23. The question is whether we have reached a bottom: some say people yes - some people say maybe - and some people say no. You can absolutely believe those people.

During the month the portfolio roster changed quite a bit: ZI, SNOW, MELI, SE and AFRM were let go with the funds being poured into mostly the STARTERS. (I also exited GLBE on disappointment with organic growth in its recent ER. I have since reconsidered and have added a small Scout Team position back - but its wobbly.) All the roster turnover - created huge TB run-ups, some of which I unloaded earlier to today. I am still have a number of TBs backed up and waiting for close out. Since they are all in the STARTERS which by definition are all High Confidence companies, I am in no hurry to book them all just yet. So this is how the portfolio has performed so far in 2022:

Jan -26.9%
FEB. +5.3%
…YTD - 21.6%.

Star of the month was MELI. When it dipped to $965 I added a Scout Team position. When it dipped below $900 I doubled down then for good measure added a bit more - pushing it to a Temporary STARTER status - and then sold the entire position in two trades as it rallied above $1,100. Should it fall below $1,100 I will add it again.

Here is the current Portfolio roster:

A STARTERS - 65-70% of Portfolio

  1. DDOG
  2. UPST - Star of the Day adding 16.2% to my fat allocation.
  3. ZS - Co-Star of the Day adding 7.8% and then (so far) another percentage pt during AH trading.
  4. MNDY
  5. NET

B) The Bench - 25-30% of Portfolio

  1. S

C) Scout Team - 10% of Portfolio

  1. DOCN
  2. GLBE

CASH = 10.1%

Potential Pending Adds: BILL, CFLT.

I am looking for BILL to replace NET as a STARTER and CFLT to close out the Scout Team companies - But I need the market to cooperate. Today’ bat-out-of-hades to start the week was a selling day - hopefully the market re-corrects the re-correction correction rally a bit and we get one of those good ole boy add days.

Possible mistakes today: Should have sold the remainder of the TBS and moved on. The fact that I am giving the market a chance to diminish those healthy short term returns is not all that bright on my part. Live and learn.

All the Best,


A STARTERS - 65-70% of Portfolio

2) UPST - Star of the Day adding 16.2% to my fat allocation.
3) ZS - Co-Star of the Day adding 7.8% and then (so far) another percentage pt during AH trading.
5) NET

B) The Bench - 25-30% of Portfolio

6) S

Yeah, I’m right there with you. My non-Saul stocks today made most of the money. USPT, ENPH


I screwed up by getting out of ENPH. Didn’t really make any money doing the TB thing with it either.

All the Best,

Yeah I could probably have made more money somewhere else (starts with “S”, ends with “l”).