MELI is such a Sweetheart!

While I can’t deny that my recent piling into MELI left me entirely nervous - after all it was an obvious example of a potential major fox pay. The sort of thing you do on impulse that gets you into the deep moose poo if you’re not careful.

Now that MELI has reported with a really nice ER - and AH the stock is up about $95 bucks (give or take) it presents a totally different decision. After piling in so much yesterday and somewhat again today - for all that - I am about break even on this foray into MELI - IF - the current sentiment holds through tomorrow. So naturally, I am thinking: best to bail out now and slink away with a very slight by-the-hair-of-my-chinny-chin-chin profit or just ride with it.

After some really, really pragmatic soul searching and deep inner reflection - sort of like a spur of the moment drunken Saturday-night-gambler feeling lucky - I have decided to let it roll. For whatever reason I have a moderately sub-surface gut feel that MELI - at least from these depths, has just as good, if not better, chances of doubling from here as anyone else’s current investing heart throb. More to the point - some of these old gray mares of yesteryear are definitely, at these prices, potentially better bargains that the current crop of sweethearts that may have not proven themselves completely and might not reach that plateau ever, if at all.

Thinking TWLO, ROKU, MDB, COUP, DOCU and even CRWD here. Lots of others as well with the only thing between all those and a nice fat recovery is time. Not to mention that deeper analysis of each might eliminate or elevate some above/below the others.

So that’s that.

All the Best,


Perhaps a meaningful group that sold SHOP migrated to the better story at MELI??? Do we think that much?


Hi 5:

You know - I hadn’t really thought of that but it makes a great deal of sense. In the same general family and all but not incestuous. At any rate I hope you are on to something and minions and minions of SHOP folks pour into MELI tomorrow. Could happen.

All the Best,