A Few Words on the Current Downturn

We usually don’t allow discussion of the markets but I thought that since we have so many new members, a little observation would be helpful:

On May 18th, at the bottom of the last one of these growth-stock sell-offs, I was at -18.5% ytd (or at 81.5% of what I had started the year at (down from up 20% or so).

At my high, a week and a half ago, I was up 93.1% (or at 193.1% of what I started with). Now 193.1 divided by 81.5 = 2.37 so I was up 137% from that bottom in just under six months.

While I have no clue what will happen tomorrow, or next week, or next month, this sell-off too, very likely, shall pass :grinning:, as we have had one or two of these sell-offs every year, but our portfolios have grown and grown in spite of them.

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