A look at the Ryzen 8000


AMD Ryzen 8000 Series specs & features
It’s a long time before the Ryzen 8000 Series is expected, but that hasn’t stopped AMD from revealing some key details. The company only described it as ‘Advanced Node’ during its 2022 Financial Analyst Day, but we’d be shocked if it was given any other official name.

The big news here is a shift to the 3nm process and Zen 5 architecture, just a year after Zen 4 makes its debut. A YouTube video from RedGamingTech suggests this will come with a new hybrid design, mirroring what we’ve seen from Alder Lake CPUs. That yielded significant performance and power efficiency gains for Intel, so AMD will be hoping it can repeat the trick.

Two families of desktop chips have been confirmed. “Granite Ridge” will cater to high-end machines which require a dedicated graphics card, while “Strix Point” integrates the CPU with a RDNA3+ GPU.

As Wccftech reports, the basic Strix Point chip design is expected to include 8 large performance-focused cores and four smaller power efficiency cores, with the latter known as ‘Zen 4D’. The L4 cache is also expected to be updated, helping PCs to run even faster.

Strix Point may also be expanded to include laptop CPUs, but a separate family is likely for less powerful devices. However, no details have been revealed at this stage.

We’ll update this article once we know more. For a look at AMD’s more immediate plans, we have separate guides to the Ryzen 7000 Series and its Zen 4 architecture.

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