Zen 5/5c rumors swirling

First mention I’ve seen of a Zen 5c possibility, I think, but if the 4c works out it makes sense to offer similar variants on future cores optimized for speed vs. temperature/density. Fingers crossed. First link kind of mixes things up by saying the Ryzen 8000 = Zen 5 apparently.

When it comes to core counts, both MLID and RedGamingTech report that the desktop Granite Ridge Zen 5 chips will be limited to 16 cores and 32 threads. MLID adds to this by stating that AMD could “launch a 32-core Zen 5c model if they want to”. Speaking about the launch, Tom suggests that Zen 5 could release in H1 2024, possibly Q1.

RedGamingTech and MLID are also on the same page regarding the design of the desktop Granite Ridge and mobile “Strix Point” APUs. The leakers share that Team Red will outfit the Ryzen 8000 desktop chips with only big Zen 5 cores while the Strix Point APUs will see a big.LITTLE design with big Zen 5 and smaller cores.

The YouTubers in question are Moore’s Law is Dead (MLID, see the video above) and RedGamingTech (RGT, see the video below), both of whom have provided pretty big info dumps on Zen 5 (likely to be Ryzen 8000 CPUs, though we don’t know that for sure).

We’re told via these leaks that Zen 5 could be made on both 4nm and 3nm processes at TSMC, with desktop chips set to use 4nm apparently, and 3nm will be for some APUs (others will be 4nm) and also next-gen server chips.

The big news is the expected overall performance increase for these processors compared to the current Ryzen 7000 range, and on that score, RGT believes that Zen 5 will benefit from an IPC (Instructions per Clock) uplift of 20% to 25%.

One source told RGT that this would be over 25% for single-threaded tasks, which is something we’ve heard from the leaker before (indeed, RGT previously mentioned perhaps up to 30% for single-thread performance).

MLID is more cautious, or rather, the leaker’s sources are, contending that Zen 5 will bring in an IPC boost of at least 15%. That doesn’t rule out something more to the tune of 25%, of course, but it’s clearly pitched lower than RGT’s estimations. MLID reckons that 20% is the most realistic proposition, adding that no source believes that AMD can get anything more than 26% absolute tops.

At this point, though, even sources close to next-gen chip development at AMD have only that - estimations. It’s still very much early doors for Ryzen 8000, of course.

When will these next-gen desktop CPUs arrive? You may have recently seen rumors that Zen 5 could turn up late this year, but those proved incorrect, as we just reported. (As a side note, Ryzen 8000 chips might actually arrive late in 2023, but these will be low-end APUs, not Zen 5 parts).

Zen 5 processors are set to launch at some point in the first half of 2024, and MLID tells us that AMD might well manage to release the initial batch of desktop CPUs in the first quarter. Or at least that’s what some sources believe, anyway, and as ever, take all of this with a whole heap of skepticism.

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