AAPL event email

just wanted to check is it genuine email. Pic attached.
I’m receiving emails from fool@premiuminfo.fool.com not 100% sure is this genuine.
Thanks in advance for your help.

I dont know. I’ve never received anything like that. But do not subscribe to premium service.

I don’t have any premium services either, but I will say, TMF has rarely met a marketing e-mail that it didn’t like, so my guess is that it’s genuine. There used to be an opt-out option for e-mails in your profile, but I didn’t see that in my (non-premium) profile any more. Maybe @CMFMints can provide a way to opt-out?



If you want to know about upcoming Apple events, simply go to their event webpage here. At that page, there are recaps of their recent events as well.

Thanks all for your help.