Getting unwanted emails

Hello Fool Central,

This is weird…

I’ve started receiving personal emails from someone called “CMFJoeFoolery via The Motley Fool Community”. I don’t know who Joe is, nor did I subscribe to a “Joe” service.

I sent Joe emails to ask him to put me on his do-not-email-list. I hope that works. In the meantime, can anyone at Fool Central explain how this happened, and how I can avoid it in the future?



Ps… not that I want to avoid Joe specifically, who is no doubt a most upright citizen. Just unwanted/ unsubscribed emails. Thank you again.

I’m pretty sure that this is because of how your profile is setup. You can go through and find the email settings and turn them off.



Sorry, but I have no idea what you mean. My email settings haven’t changed for decades, as far as I know.

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Have you looked at these settings?


The email notifies you that CMFJoe has replied to one of your posts or to a topic you are tracking. To avoid the emails change your settings.


Thanks! :+1:*.*

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It’s actually because you added Microsoft to your Watched tags on the premium side. I posted over there how you can update it - either change you’re email settings or change Microsoft to tracked, not watched. Watched is the highest level - where you get lots of notifications about something. It can be overkill if you just want to keep an eye on a company.