About a plug-in hybrid

The concept of the plug-in hybrid appeals to me; electricity is cheap (and I can augment with solar PV) and the hybrid part takes the “range anxiety” issue off the table since there are multiple times a year when we need to travel hundreds of miles, sometimes a thousand.

I’ve looked at the Chrysler Pacifica as a substitute for our van, and various others to replace an ICE sedan. But to my question: if you have a plug-in hybrid then you only get 30-40 miles before you’re on gasoline again, which mean you have to plug in every day? That seems that it would get old, fast.

Anybody with a PHEV tell me if that’s true or is it a needless worry. Thanks.

Maybe one could make up a docking station, like the Roomba sort of thing, pull in the garage, it links up to a port, maybe magnetic… Seems doable with a little head scratching…

Yes, it does need to be plugged in more often. But really, it’s not much of an issue, because unlike filling a gas tank, I don’t have to stay at the car and monitor its charging progress. I plug it in when I get home, then unplug it when I leave. It adds maybe 20 seconds to the get out of the car routine and maybe 30 seconds to the get back in the car routine (the extra 10 seconds is to wind the cable on its holder neatly).

One it hits “full” charge, it shuts itself off and just waits… (Full is in quotes because my PHEV holds a buffer at both full and empty to help with battery longevity…)

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