Hybrid - PHEV or Battery - BEV

As we get closer to decision time, and the miles add up on our '07 Civic, I came across this article today… Good start!

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, also called plug-ins or PHEVs, are the right choice for many drivers for much of this decade, until the number of public charging stations increases, battery-pack bang for the buck improves and overall prices fall on pure battery electric vehicles.

Half of our favorite plug-ins go at least 30 miles, roughly the length of the average U.S. round-trip commute, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. The others get you to work and started on your way home. None of them will strand you because they have a gasoline engine and tank.

10 Great Plug-In Hybrids If You’re Not Ready For A Full EV - Forbes Wheels

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I think many agree that plug in hybrids are a better choice at this stage. Toyota especially is on record saying this is the best solution for now. We hope 10 years from now infrastructure will be in place to make other options more feasible.

Of course another way is an EV for your daily commute and then rent a gas guzzler for your vacation travel.

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Well, we’re long retired, so a lot is just poking around town, but driving my F150 up to Seattle recently, it did get 16+mpg, but still a tad costly from the SF Northbay area… It’s also the trailer tow vehicle. So our Civic is the one we’d replace… Hence the confusion in some ways, leaning towards a hybrid, but also aware of the improvements in EVs… I’d thought before this article that the hybrids had a longer battery range, but now see their limitations… Still in the research mode, I guess…

Adding to the knowledge base, here’s an adapter to allow use of Tesla charing stations by non-Tesla owners, improving options for travel…

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I bought one of these and it works very well. Please remember that a Tesla-to-J1772 adapter only works on level 2 chargers, they do NOT work for Tesla superchargers.

Looking over that company’s products, they have a LOT of options, adapters, for all manner of EV’s and more, home, industrial inlets, outlets, plugs, connectors…

Plug-in hybrid are really higher MPG ICE vehicles that, depending on your local cost of electricity, will net save a few bucks a month in commuting fuel costs. Today BEVs are ideal for short distance daily city driving but at best become longer distance driving headaches. Hybrid plug ins make us feel environmentally conscious, but they are really EV surrogates until the massive electric infrastructure is built to accommodate interstate rapid level 3 chargers that can accommodate hundreds to thousands of vehicles per day with acceptable recharging times. Just an opinion, but for those who are retired, I doubt we’ll see this in our lifetimes. And be aware, a local BEV only driver may be tethered to their locality making interstate emergency or family holiday travel impossible.

Odds are any long distance driving, at least as long as I’m the driver, we’d use our ICE F150 as I’m more comfy being up higher, seeing further ahead, sirius radio and now CarPlay linking to my iPhone/ It’s the ICE Civic we’d like to replace at some point… Since it’s mainly DW’s car, she’ll be content with a hybrid… We talk, dream of going to Tesla, but it’s a bit much just for local tripping… We’ll see down the line how it shakes out… Other family members have a bit of each, some have solar as well… The combo might work, so far I only see the hucksters pushing solar a bit too hard, so I ignore them, but I need to, if we look deeper, talk to my Nieces husband more about the details, just haven’t yet… He’s had Volt’s, solar on hist place for several years now… Many choices, no rush, for now…