About the board migration to the new platform

Hi everyone,

You all have read about the migration of the MF boards to the new platform, which will be a lot more modern than the current one. The migration should be completed by some time Saturday afternoon. On our new board, to limit the flood of off-topic posts, the number of people who will be able to post will be limited, although everyone will still be able to read all the posts. If you have questions please send them to me off board.

And let’s all hope for a better market,



A number of people had questions about how this worked, and will work. Here’s a partial explanation.

A couple of us (Bear and I), read the last 15 or 20 posts of everyone who has recently been an active poster. It was A LOT of work. Then we checked over each other’s work. We tried to select the best, and most useful and thoughtful posters (focussing on those who followed the rules of the board). We will be starting with a little over a hundred posters (which we hope will provide active discussion), and we will add or subtract from there.

You will be able to tell if you are an active poster most easily by checking the green New Topic button on Sunday some time. If you are not an active poster it will be greyed out. If you are not active and have an urgent urge to post :grinning:, there will be a place that you can request access and we will review it. Remember though that if we get hundreds of requests for access at once, it won’t work very well, and will take some time, especially as we will be learning how to navigate the new platform at the same time.

Posters will be expected to follow the rules of the board, and to focus, for the most part, on analyzing individual high growth companies. We will welcome new companies who fit the focus of the board, and we always welcome polite and helpful discussion and disagreement about a company

I hope that this helps,