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I’ll ask here, since this category has confused me… This morning it said that I had 2 unread in this category. Clicking that notification showed me two threads, but in Washington, but when clicked, both took me to old, old postings back in May! None new, unread from this month. Maybe somewhere, someone made a reply or something, but none were obvious…

Maybe that’s what is happening on other categories, but it was particularly noticeable this morning…

weco (still trying to make sense of this chaotic change)

Yes, the first time an old thread from the old system is visited it starts you at the top. It doesn’t matter how you revisit it, whether it is because there is a new message reviving it, or you opened it some other way such as a search. Very confusing until you understand that, after which it is only somewhat confusing when you (as I do) don’t realize at first that it was an old message acting that way.

On the plus side, I have found it to be very consistent. :sunglasses: