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A good place to begin for those new to TMFs public boards. Often you will be referred to a board with more specialized expertise, but general questions or where to post things or how to navigate the boards are common. Ask away. Your questions are welcome here.

Is there a way to tell what “Board” or “Community” or Category" one is in? So far the only way I’ve been able to tell is to scroll to the top of the message trail. That’s OK for some small “Boards” but some of the larger ones have a boat load of messages in them and you will be scrolling forever. Excuse my ignorance as maybe I’ve overlooked something obvious but if someone has some insight I’d appreciate your sharing.



Hi @ImAGolfer

The header will always show where you are, unless you are at the very top of a thread, when it just becomes the icon (because the first message always says where you are too). For example, when I’m reading your post, this is what the header looks like

And each of those is a link - you can get back to the Ask A Foolish Question by clicking that, or Fool Community Help Desk by clicking those. The jester cap sends you back to the home page.

Thanks for your input MS. Mints but the header you posted shows in your response but it doesn’t appear in the thread I’m reading it in. Excuse my poor language (South Galveston). And besides this is a very small thread and I can scroll to the top but in one of the bigger threads it would take a long time to scroll to the top. I think I’m missing something big time here. Sorry for not understanding what you are trying to convey. I just don’t see it.

Right under the URL, in the blue banner, there should be a jester cap and some links for the categories you are in. As you scroll up, it shows just the jester cap and your icon but when you are scrolling down, it opens up to reveal the links.

Reply with a screen shot, maybe I can see what’s going on. (I’ve check on desktop and mobile and the behavior is the same). Remember, this will only happen when you are reading posts because that’s the only time you are in a category.

This is all I see at the top of the “Board” or “Category” or “Thread” or whatever you call it but again there are very few messages now and it’s not a problem to scroll to the top but what happens a month from now when there are 200 messages? Your going to be doing a lot of scrolling to figure out where you are. Hope the screen shot posted OK.

Hi…sorry for the delay, I’ve been on the road the last couple of days.

That’s the head your see when you’re at the top of a thread, because the breadcrumbs are under the thread title, and you can click them to go back to the category post list.

When you are in a longer category and the title is no longer visible, it shifts to the upper header (the blue part) so they are still there. Try it on this thread which is long enough to make that change.

I have boards I follow, when I check each day - it says 2 new or 4 new - now when I open there are hundreds of posts instead of just the 2 or 4 new - I used to read and dismiss - can no longer do that

Hi Cobi. I have that issue as well. For example my “Everything” or “Tracked” will say I have two messages (or whatever they are called) yet when I click on them there will be 10 or 20 messages. When I start reading them I notice the date and … hey wait a minute this stuff is from back in January and February. What’s the deal?

Rather confusing to say the least.