Found the new Board

I followed the link from the old board here.

I feel so technical :wink:



Welcome! If you click on the jester cap/home button in the upper left, you can also see the Home Screen.

Here are a couple of links that might help if you haven’t seen them yet;

Overview Video

Help Guide


Finally able to access the new setup late this afternoon. Till now, I’ve been getting the message that I’m not allowed to access the site. My first look at how this is organized is…could they have possibly done a worse job! Instead of clearly seeing in front of your eyes what the topics are and who has posted, everything is folded into an initial post and totally obscure. Nifty looking visually, but functionally—it sucks.



I already don’t like it. It appears to be threaded mode. I hate threaded mode. I miss entire conversations because I miss the first post of the thread. Before, they gave you the option of threaded or non-threaded.

Seems like they may have made some improvements, but a lot was “fixing” stuff that wasn’t broken. The Discord board is looking better all the time.


I am totally lost. If this is the new Fool someone needs to send me some instructions on how to use it. In my humble opinion this totally and unequivocally sucks. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Of course I’m an old man so what do I know.


ImAGolfer (retired '03)


Fixing stuff that wasn’t broken — exactly! And destroying it in the process. It is horrendous, confusing. I cannot believe that this conception was given the go-ahead.



On the left there should be major headings of Community, Categories and Tags. If you don’t see sub-headings under Community, click on Community. The list shows then should be Everything, Tracked, My Posts, and More…. Tracked should show you, for ALL boards you had as favorites, every message that you have not read, including Taking Care of Parents.

Now go to the top where the subject Found the new Board appears. Just below that is Personal Finance, with Taking Care of Parents to the right of that. Click on Taking Care of Parents.

Now we need to make sure the right ones show up. At the right end of the top, next to Sort, click on Latest. Then find the right-most column heading, Activity. Click on Activity until the newer threads are at the top.

Hopefully there is a thin red line at some point between messages. If not it will appear later. Below that line are threads that have had no activity since the last time you visited. Above the line are threads that are new, or that have had activity since you were there. Click on one to read it. It will start at the first post you have not read. Read that post, and any below it. When done, I suggest hitting the Back control in your browser, the one that takes you to the previous page. That previous page is where you selected the message to read. If you read it to the end it should be gray, indicating that there is nothing new for you there.

I hope that is enough to get you started. Give it a try. If it remains horrendous you can always ask for your money back.


How do I start a new topic?

I mean one that isn’t a reply to a previous post.

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You can navigate to the “Board” (category), where there is a big green New Topic Button

Also, on the left, hover over Community, then click the ‘+’ that appears. It looks like it defaults to the current board you are viewing.

Insanity. Take an approach that is straightforward, innately logical, and works — and turn it into a snarled, illogical, cloaked mess.


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You can add the boards you want to access quickly as Catagories. I set mine up to mirror My Favourite Boards in the old system. Now I can see new posts much easier.

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Hi Sheila. I finally found this board again!! So, here is my question… Is this reply from me, automatically going to you? Is it beiing emailed to you? I mostly lurk here, but I missed you guys. :slight_smile:

These new boards suck so bad. We could start a FaceBook group if anyone is interested…

Glad you made it. This hasn’t been an easy transition.

That is a setting that each of us controls for ourselves. I believe that by default, you are getting an e-mailed notice of any reply to one of your posts or any post that mentions you by name using your @ tag - the @ symbol followed by your user name. Like this @footsox .

You can control things like this in your user profile - although I don’t know exactly how to do this particular one. I turned off all of these emails pretty early on, when I was as thoroughly confused as you are now. I’m checking in pretty much every day just like I always have, and don’t want a lot of e-mails clogging up my inbox. I’m sure other folks appreciate such notices even if I don’t.

Maybe I’ll write up yet another How To, since TMF doesn’t seem to be interested in providing this information.

There’s good news in the future. The more you use the board, the less they suck. However, there is a maximum improvement. I think I’ve topped out at a plain ol’ suck. They don’t suck so bad for me any more. I’m tolerating them even as I don’t like them.

Not interested. Not on FaceBook and not joining - even for this group of friends.


I’m so glad to hear from you!!! Yes, the new MF is a mess in every way possible. It is a travesty.



Definitely not easy to get used to- it’s adequate but not fun, and so many old friends are gone - just gave up.


The ONLY thing good is that you can edit your post. But the organization of the boards is difficult to fathom. The organization of the old boards was pretty straightforward.